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IT hardware  


+ servers

+ storage

+ network

+ options (disks, processors, frames, adapters, racks)

We sell both single products and complete IT solutions meeting the needs of your organization. Basing on the knowledge and experience of our professional advisors, we are able to provide you with comprehensive infrastructure solutions almost from any vendor.

In our product portfolio you can find not only new and innovative products but also servers, storage and options from product lines, which were withdrawn from the official sales channel.

5 reasons why it is worth to cooperate with us!

+ TIME  / fast delivery

Do you need the product or solution immediately? Are you chased by deadlines or your company suffers from a delay due to a failure? A large number of products are available in our stock. When it comes to other ones we do our best to deliver them as soon as possible.

+ AVAILABILITY / high availability of products

A certain product is hardly available and you don’t know whether you can get it anywhere? It doesn’t matter whether the product you need is in our warehouse or somewhere on the other side of the world – if you want it, we will get it for you!  

+ PRICE / flexible prices possible to negotiate

Is your budget limited? Negotiate! All prices shown on our website are flexible!

+ CHOICE / comprehensive offer and the plurality of alternative solutions

Are you loyal to products from a particular vendor? Are you looking for an alternative solution - available in our stock and in a better price? Find out what we can offer you!

+ COMPETENCES / knowledge and experience of our professionals

Do you know which server or array you should choose to get the highest efficiency? Are you not sure if it is worth virtualizing your infrastructure? Do you not know how to install something? Take advantage of our knowledge! Our team of sales specialists and engineers will advise you how to design an optimal IT infrastructure in your organization.


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